An Art Exhibition of Clara Cortés and Yuan-wen Wang

The show is until 26th January, please do arrange an appointment with us through:

info@yuan-wen.com or claracortesgarcia@gmail.com






Clara Cortés (Barcelona,1990)
Clara looks into the insecurity of the observer before the abstraction provided by an image where an identifiable figurative presence is expected. Understanding what comes before understanding the reason and meaning of the work itself, ruining the importance of metaphysical beauty in the search of formal objectivity.

Yuan-wen Wang (Taiwan, 1985)
The artist focuses her creative efforts on the process, she does not intend to reach ¨the perfect final work¨ through the sketches; In her work there is no hierarchy in which some images are above the others, one image always suggests another and it is in that search where the artist finds her fate.
This process consists in a formal exploration with the materials; a personal search of the artist through the media that seeks to transcend the mere form. Yuan-Wen tries, through artistic , to dig up and unearth its own meanings: a sort of spiritual emptying that takes place on the canvas.

Some great shots from the gran opening on 18th January 2018 :