The present show marks the inauguration of a new circle of exhibitions dedicated to the study of the key factors that come into play throughout the process of visual perception.
Distance, density, geometry and scale will be the elemental subjects of this research.
Such a primal approach on visuality may lead to a variety of interaction levels: from the mere affirmation of compositional common sense to unknown grounds of emotional arousal

Our eyes, rest upon the images, relaxing and observing; always on the hunt for clues or fragments.
A swift shadow, an empty territory or even a trace of nature, all of these are elemental visual hints that relate one as a human with the depicted environment. Whether natural or man made, imaginary or real, these representations trigger a mechanism of self positioning within a space, thus allowing for such an illusive experience to take place in the mind of the viewer.
Within his creative agony, the artist is on the lookout for a volatile shadow or light, subtle qualities that amount to that “grand” moment.
The images then become vessels that carry us on a singular journey to a fictitious emplacement, a sacred individual experience witnessed by all.


opening: Friday, March 5, 2010, 20:30
& 06/03/2010-08/03/2010 (11:00-19:00)

CORRETGER5.  Carrer Corretger 5. 08003. Barcelona. Jaume I


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