Cuatro años de METAL, una mirada personal de MARCELA GUTIÉRREZ. from revista metal on Vimeo.

It's the METAL 4th Anniversary

The date: June 4th.
Two places: Corretger5 gallery and New Oven.
Tanqueray with its populars gintonics.
Kipling has a gift for all you if you arrive soon.

The first date is at 19:30h in the gallery Corretger5, at the same street and number of its name, just besides Princesa street. There you can see the work of Marcela Gutierrez in a special project made for the occasion: “Four years of METAL magazine: A personal view by Marcela Gutiérrez”. Marcela reinterprets some of the most celebrated pictures that we have published over these years, photographs by regular contributors like Daniel Sannwald, Xevi Muntané, Nico, Miguel Villalobos or Frederic Bastin.

Mr. Bluku play the music and there is where Tanqueray is going to delighted us with these gintonics that we love.

About eleven or half past eleven we collect belongings because we are going to The Metal Box! Mr. Bluku will be again in the cabine with another classic in our sessions, Jared, better known as Pffff. Kipling also will welcome all our guests with a small gift (while supplies last).

If you wanna come, please leave your name on the wall + friends. Only those who sign up will get the gift!

MUSIC by Mr. BLUKU & Pffff
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