The concept
HOOKAHEY was founded back in May, 2009 as a forward thinking brand
based on long-lived trends. The founder trio consists of Armin Lang
and Jochen Schader, two German fashion business men and of Henrik
Holbech, a Danish manufacturing expert.
By getting on well-established Anika Schmitt as design responsible, we
aim to enhance the wardrobe of any woman or man looking for favourite
pieces, flattering fits, and original stylish designs.

The design
Creative colour combinations as well as the playful shapes of garments
and fabrics form the basic characteristics of HOOKAHEY`s designs.

HOOKAHEY is all about authenticity and originality, offering easy to
mix and match pieces to help women and men create their own, individual
style: “We want the consumer to be the protagonist – therefore we
observe what people are asking for and what they dream of.”
The collection
This winter collection has already grown in pieces and counts well over
100 styles. We included more clothes for men, plenty for women and a
bigger bag and accessories selection. All the jersey garments are made
from natural fibres as organic cotton, bamboo and soy jersey, which are
100% biodegradable.
For this fall/winter collection, the flair of London had a strong impact on
the designer’s inspiration. The pulse of the City is incredible, but at the
same time there is a very British sentiment for the past.
This creates a fertile ground for both the invention and – sometimes more
interesting – the reinvention of fashion styles. There is an extraordinary
mix of vintage and new products that has its origins in England. In this
collection, 50s, 60s, and 80s styles are mixed with 21st century urban
styles. Being transferred through Anika’s typical handwriting, they shape

Hookahey’s first fall/winter collection.