“We are a collective of creative individuals from around the world that have come together to share one vision: To organise an event that gives space for local artists and businesses to promote their talents in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

We are dedicated to providing something a little different than the usual, bringing together a variety of different arts, including underground and groovy sounds, diverse culinary treats, fashion, both old and new, and many other undiscovered local talents.

The Root Market is a space with a dynamic meeting ground for both artists and the local community. Created with love and good vibes which are felt from the moment you enter.

Previous and upcoming vendors including ABCB, Subwax, Blended, disco’s Edison, Fait-C and Drop clothing among others

Live djs including MFM, Reelow, Arc, Aston, Niklas, Bululu, Timeless, Alfonso Leon and many more”